Saturday Spinning

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It was actually started yesterday while visiting the guys, aka John and Kyle , then today I finished the second bobbin and plyed it. This is 195 yards at 168 grams of a two ply made on my Kromski Sonata. It is ttot's Le Blanc Jacob Alpaca blend, but I can tell you that any Jacob alpaca blend at 50/50 will make a great spinning fiber. Thanks for stopping by
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Andy, your spinning is beautiful! I have not spun much alpaca yet. The alpaca/wool blend I worked with was full of vegetable matter, and dificult to draft evenly. The baby alpaca roving I spun was hard to keep from drafting out when I didn't want it to. I will have to try some of the Toots Leblanc fiber soon.

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It's lovely, Andy. I'm encouraged to get my spinning mojo back...

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I will have to say that spinning is a lot of fun. Don't get discouraged, you are learning not only about fiber, but about preparation of the fiber you are going to spin. I prefer Batts, but I can work with combed tops. Whatever I have I take a look at my fiber and then decide how to cut the fiber or break it into more manageable pieces. I like to pre draft, and that way you get to touch the fiber without the pressure of the wheel and see what it is you are dealing with.