I won at the county fair

October 2005 I took a fair isle Christmas stocking class from our local yarn shop.  After completing the class and finding out that I like to fair isle I started a sweater for myself.  Last week I submitted the sweater to our local county fair, not only did I win first place in the knitting division, but I took best of show.  Took me by surprise, I've only been knitting for 16 months.  Had to laugh when I overheard a women telling her daughter "a man knit it".

Just thought I would brag alittle, male knitters rock!

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Great work, Steve, especially as you have been knitting for such a short time. I have won prizes at two fairs held in the area where we lived previously. However, the last time I entered the first prize went to rug that was made from ACRYLIC yarn consisting of many squares of the same pattern which could have been done by Blind Freddy whilst watch TV!!. Ugh, so have never bothered since despite having been pestered by the secretary who was also a very good kniiter and craftswoman.

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Well done, Steve, what an inspiration you are. Can you post a close-up of your sweater?

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Much Congratulations.....and yeah let's see it!

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CONGRATULATIONS, STEVE!  We are all very proud of you! I've been reading up on fair Ilse... and want to try it...

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Yes, please do post a photo and congratulations on your achievement!

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 I haven't had the patience yet to undertake a sweater; I want to do that one of these days soon.  I look forward to seeing the photos - you ought to get one with the ribbon in it, if you can. 

Good for you! Yes, please post a picture to share. I am putting off my first Fair isle project because I am intimidated.

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I've attached a closeup picture of the sweater.  I find that fairisle knitting is fast and easy.  I am starting my next sweater, I'm using a bright red as the background with motifs in 2 shades of blue.  Have a great weekend.