Lace Shawl Pattern for Bulky Yarn

Does anyone know of any knitting pattern for Lace Shawls that would work well with a bulky boucle yarn?
I bought a whole bunch of yarn a couple months back to make a shawl for my Mom to bring to Europe this fall but have no idea what to knit with it. I'm looking for something loose and airy, but not too complicated to knit, besides, from what I've seen detail tend to get lost in boucle yarn. Any suggestions?


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You'll have to use rather big needles, I imagine. Then just knit a triangle, really. There several ways to do so. Perhaps you could cast on one stitch, work a double increase in it (3 sts), and continue to increase on each side (perhaps a couple stitches in from the edge) each row until it's the size you like.

Or, how about a simple rectangle?

Here's an idea... If you find a yarn/ribbon that would complement the boucle yarn, what if you worked a large-gauge garter stitch triangle from the top-center out (increasing at the edges and center spine = 4 added stitches on RS rows) in the boucle, then near the bottom work some rows in the simpler yarn, then switch back for a few more rows in the boucle? If you wanted, you could get a bit fancy in the simpler yarn... or not.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to go out hunting for larger needles this weekend. The biggest I have are US15 and I'm not sure they'll be big enough. I'll have to do some swatches.

If I can find some ribbon yarn that matches my colors that might look really nice, good idea!

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Swatching sounds perfect!

P.S. on the shawl...I'd use a "garter tab" to start a triangular shawl...

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Willy gave about the best options for this type of project. Lots of luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.