Cable scarf

I'm currently working on a double reverse cable.  Its 36 stitches across in a thick alpaca.  It has 3 cables on one side, and 2 on thet other.  Got pattern off I think.  Anyway, I like my man scarves thinner, maybe like 4-5 inches.  Anyone have any patterns or tips on places with a good man scarf that involves cables that might only be 4-5 inches thick?  Thanks for any help.  Love th egroup so far.



Could you possibly take out one or two of the cables?
Swap needles/yarn?
Ratchett up your gauge? (I know this is what I do inadvertently)



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When I tried that alpaca on smaller needles, I didn't think it looked as well. Kinda lost some of the texture of the alpaca. I"m using I believe 10 1/2 needles.  I think I want a atotally different cable design, just narrower.  Thanks, Robert

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I haven't knitted this one.. but here's a link.   I am pretty sure that Chris knitted it though..