spinning something.

Hi Everybody!
My friend gave me this wheel that belonged to her grandmother. She wasn't sure how it was used and I'm not either. I was hoping someone on this site would be familiar with it. I'm excited because my friend is also giving me her grandmother's antique spinning wheel and yarn winder. Nice!

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Dude, that is BEAUTIFUL. WE HAVE to find out how it works!!!!

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From the small size of the pic and because we are seeing it from the back, it is hard to say for certain what it is. It appears to be a spindle spinner... the kind that Cinderella pricked her finger on and fell asleep for 100 years.

There is no bobbin, and there is no flyer. It appears to be reversed to the normal configuration -- as if it was a left-handed spinner that used it. The yarn is made at the tip of the long thin spike on the other side where the fibres are twisted and then wound on the base of the spindle. The wheel may be hand operated, or treadle operated. As it is, it cannot operate but needs to have some sort of stand to sit on. Three legs would be the simplest thing. Are there any indications on the underside that there was anything attached to it? It would be a smaller version of the Great Wheel.

Hmmm.... if you are not going to be using this, and since you are going to be getting a wheel anyways, I might take this off your hands! I've been meaning to build one of these for a long time, but -- you know.

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Lol! Thanks for the help!
My friend said she will look to see if there are other parts to it at her mother's house.
I have a "Babe's Fiber Garden" spinning wheel. It does ithe job but I really want a "Traditional" wooden wheel.
I hope,Gregory, we find out how to make it work!

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Ummmm, Its not generally my style, but if it's warranted then I have no choice: "Go Tallguy, Go Tallguy, Go Tallguy! Whose yo' daddeee. TALLGUY!" Seriously, its an amazing piece and even equally brilliant how you were able to help him out. I think its great.

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It's so great when something like this lands in your hands completely unexpected. I hope that you or someone can restore it and give it life again. Even though I don't know a thing about spinning, I know my grandmother used to have a spinning wheel. They are a brilliant piece of machinery and so well made back then. I wish I knew where Grandma's wheel got to. I know my brother has her antique, foot-pumped Singer sewing machine. Man, she could make that thing fly! Another item I would have loved to have of hers was her hand wringer washing machine...it was electric, but still could be cranked. Grandma, you trendsetter you!

Thanks for sharing this with us and thanks for a quick trip down my personal memory lane. :)

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If you've ever seen someone spin on a great wheel or a charkha, they spin off the tip of the spindle (as Tallguy noted).

It would appear that the entire unit would have to be suspended so you could spin the wheel and move the spindle, and the ratio of wheel to spindle head isn't very great, so you'd have to pump that wheel pretty fast I would imagine.

Very cool item...I'm envious.

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Holy moly! I never thought I would find any spinning item Joe and Tallguy would want! I feeling a little light headed and totally jazzed!
Thanks guys!