No sew raglan - Crochet?

So in addition to my knitting, I have now added crocheting.
Back in the day when I first started knitting, I made a sweater vest and it was horrible. Basically the pieces just were not the same size and I struggled sewing them together. Then I found the "magic" raglan sweater that I was able to knit in one piece without sewing. So I was basically a pig in you know what.

But now that I am crocheting (and I really like it), I would like to crochet a sweater.
Is there a similar pattern for a no sew (top down or bottom up) pattern?


Would it not work to follow the same kind of formula that you wsed to knit the 'magic' sweater? It seems like crochet would almost make it easer to make a garment seamless.

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I'm not sure. I know I can check my gauge and make sure the number of stitches is correct. My concern is with the increases. Is it safe to assume that an extra added stitch for crochet is the same as for knitting?

I would imagine that if the exact same pattern/formulas worked for crochet, wouldn't the pattern say so?
I might just give it a try, but would much prefer a confirmed pattern that I know for certain works for crochet.

FYI - if you haven't tried crocheting, I highly recommend it. Although I find the pattern MUCH more difficult to read and follow, I find the stitches, speed and easy ability to fix mistakes much better. I like being able to do both.