SO, thanks to you fellas, I'm pretty damned close to selling my fiftieth bear on Etsy! Yee ha!!! That to me is quite a cute little milestone. All of you have been so supportive, so helpful and indeed, a great set of friends to know. I'm at bear 43 now, and once I hit 50, in order to quietly celebrate my little milestone, I'm going to start giving back, donating what I can from the sell of my bears towards a greater good, and pay it forward.

Thanks again everyone!
Gregory Patrick


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Congratulations, that's quite the accomplishment!!

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That's awesome!!!

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Congrats, Gregory! That's very cool.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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MAKING let alone SELLING 50 is a major accomplishment!

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Thanks alot, ya'll. I really mean it. SO now, I think about which direction I go for paying forward. 99% of my clients have been women, thinking of heading towards Susan G. Komen, but goodness knows they have more than enough help from all over the place. Then I think about people who are really close to my situation. One bear away from being homeless, one step away from being ruined. Men, or women, doesn't matter. I keep thinking about giving free knitting lessons, the whole "teach a man to fish" idea, give them something to make an income, no matter what it may be, so they can get back on their feet. Any ideas?

what a cool way to celebrate!