Me and the Girls

Here is a picture of me and the Thursday afternoon knitting group at my local yarn store.   We get together each week and have a blast.

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your group looks fun -- my local store has a monday night knit group and the owner keeps inviting me to come down -- but the group doesn't have a member under 65 and its in a very small town -- maybe I'll get my butt down there one of these weeks --

 Thanks for the pics and welcome to the web group!

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Our gathering time at the local yarn store is either Thursday evening till 8 or Saturday afternoon.  But I have spent my lunch time down there, it has air conditioning. 

I am really lucky that the owners will show and demonstrate a pattern anytime.

Thanks for sharing.  Steve


Too cute.  Rock on, Sooner!

~Mike in Tampa 

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2nd Time = A Mistake

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I'm envious! my "local" group is an hour and a half I have only made it there once.

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That's great that you have a blast with your group!  I've been invited to join a group that will be meeting for the first time this Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to it.

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hahaha bendbarr --- what's wrong with ladies over 65??!  They can be a very lively group!

 I think all it takes is just one person, male or under 50, to start the ball rolling.  Be the brave one!  The others will follow --

 Personally, I find the older ladies a lot of fun to be with.  They are very knowledgeable and will gladly share all their tips and secrets.  They have a vast source of experience -- very useful! And the books and tools they have!!  They also can tell you of all sorts of experiences you will never have, and your general knowledge will be greatly increased.   My goodness, the things I learned that my mother never told me!!  They sure opened my eyes ---  LOL