Fixing Stitches and a quick way to do a 1x1 cable stitch without cable needles.

Hello everyone! I took your advice and braved the stitch repair in the new afghan I am making. I found two purled stitches six rows back. After earlier discussions with so many experts, I curled up in a chair....not easy with a cup of coffee (decaf)...and ripped the first stitch back the six rows...that was easy enough. I also took another's advice and put a safety line a row below where I needed to fix just in case the live loop and runs got away from me. Great safety net! Then I grabbed the crochet needle and hook, hook, hook, hook, hook, hook, and it was fixed! I believe I squealed with glee. My wife looked at me over her glasses and asked if was as good for me as it sounded. I nodded and proceeded to rip the next stitch back six rows and repeat the process. Now, I can't find where the error was. Yippie!

1x1 cable stitch without cable needles.

On the same afghan, the pattern calls for 1x1 cable stitch and it is called Cross 2 right. I don't like to use a cable needle if I don't have to and I found a video that you all might enjoy. She gives a demo of this stitch. It really speeds things along by avoiding the cable needle getting in the way.




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Mark, congratulations and might I add very brave! Sid

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Thanks Sid,
I have been so careful with this afghan pattern now that I am one full skein into it. I want it to be perfect. So far, except for those two stitches, it is, and now those troublesome stitches are gone. Yippie!


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So glad to hear that your stitch "surgery" went well!!

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That 1x1 cable trick is very sensible. And quick!
...must try to remember it....LOL

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Just finished an entire sweater of single cable and did not use a cable needle. It does work

we put birds on things

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Keep up the good work. Be daring and you will be amazed where it leads. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Perfection? I find life more fun without it myself, but good luck. I hope you achieve your goal. Just remember, in knitting there are all manner of sins to hide your oops's. And I know none of them that invovle breaking and entering, homicide no matter how justifiable, muggings, beating, or other unlawful activies. So relax, make a mistake or two. By the way, congrats on learning one of my favorite fixes. Didn't that just make you feel good all over? We'll let the wife imply more.

As for cabling, I prefer to always skip the cable needle when able. I suggest you try it with other larger cables. I find anything less than four as long as you're not on small needles and yarn works well. Anything over that and it gets trickier. But you have to keep the knitting relaxed.

Knit on O'brave needle brother.

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I agree with Q that perfection is highly overrated. Thank God! But I do like to try. Growing up with a very strict father, being as perfect as possible was never really negotiable. Thankfully, I raised my son in a more relaxed and forgiving environment.

Thanks to you all for the continued encouragement.