Bulgarian folk knits

April in Bulgaria is great for knitter tourists. I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier; the "shout box" shows me someone could have used it. I was there this April during Passover, right before Easter. Hand knit folk socks and especially slippers galore sold in all the main tourist sites I visited: Rila (monastery), Melnik (Rozhen monastery), Plovdiv, Koprivishtitsa. Knit lace and handknit sweaters were pretty ubiquitous, too. I didn't see handknit items in Sofia either, but I bet if you ask at the Womens' Bazaar, they'd tell you where to find it.


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Turkey also has some really wonderful folk socks; there are generally similar techniques in much of Turkey and the Balkans. My neighbor has a large collection. The one at the end with the spiral toe is not knit; it's done in a Bosnian crochet.


I also have a few photos of a sock from Hemshin that I'm bent on reproducing, and some booties from Thrace (Turkish side), which I'm not bent on reproducing but are still nice.