Hi guys,
Just back from my first knitting retreat. I had a great time and met lots of wonderful guys. I learned many new things including a first lesson in spinning. The creations I saw were truly inspirational. Looks like I'm on that proverbial slippery slope! I'll let everyone know when I open that sheep & alpaca farm *grin*!


Oh how fun! I would love to go to a retreat. It is so nice to get recharged and inspired. I bet it is great to connect to other knitters especially other male knitters.

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It was great to meet you, finally...and knit with you!
It's great when a guy you know only from this list turns out to be as interesting and wonderful as you thought he would be!

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Rob, it was a pleasure to meet you! I'm so glad you had a great time. We'll see you again next year too, right?

Lemme know when you open that farm. I'll be there every weekend. Hudson isn't that far from Albany!

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Rob! It was a delight meeting and knitting and talking with you... I love that the retreat gave space for a series of times to hang out, and not just over the span of an hour or two. I'm right with you on the inspirational creations -- wowza!

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I'm really glad you had a good time! The retreats are amazing, and I'm sad that I wasn't there to visit with you as well! Remember what it feels like to be fresh from a weekend like this.... that energy can be empowering all year long!



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Less than 2 months to Rocky Mountain retreat...I am counting down the time and looking forward to meeting the guys. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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John and I had a great time too. It was my fourth, his first. Now back to grabbing time to knit when we can. Sigh



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Retreats are always fun, glad you were able to experience this one. Is a very long trip from the West coast! lol!

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Guys + Fiber + Easton = Rapture!

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According to the "shout box" "rapture" has been postponed until October...but we've already had ours!