Size does matter!

Hey all! Well, this is my first blog, so what better to write about than my current project! But a little background for me:

I live here in Portland, OR. Been knitting since October 2010 and am officially obsessed! I've been writing my own patterns almost from the start, and I'm digging every minute of it!

So on the subject of writing patterns, I've been having difficulty with my sizing from my gauge swatches. I'm working on a new hat, worked throughout in short rows. I did my math, and ended up with a ridiculously huge hat. Reworked the math, and now have a small hat, that I will probably give to one of my nephews. Normally I don't have this much trouble with sizing, but I've never written a pattern in short rows, plus it's using tons of additional short row shaping which is throwing me for a loop.

I've got no problem doing the trial and error: it will give me various sizes of the hat and my pattern knits up super quick. Hopefully I can meet up with some other pattern writers and get some tips. Until then, I'm just knitting up a storm!

I will get pics posted on here soon of my current and past projects/patterns. I've got all of them posted in a gallery on Facebook, so feel free to check them out there and leave comments! (My Ravelry is horribly outdated at the moment.) That's all for now. I will blog again when something new happens, so until then, hugs and happy knitting!

~Jamison (Cubby)


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Jamison....wish you would update ravelry...a lot of us avoid facebook...
...have you tried workilg out your pattern with knitting graph paper.
I xerox the graph the exact size of my stitches...then I can flat pattern the shape and size of my pieces...

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I've been playing with short row toes and heels for some socks and I ran into some advice written somewhere that due to the flexion of the fabric with short row work, they decrease the amount they were supposed to have by their gauging by a full 10%. I stried it with the current socks and they do seem to a a nicer snugger fit. It may be worth a try?

Most other socks i've done have been a wool or wool blend yarn. This is a acrylic nylon blend so has no real bounce of its own and therefore isn't as snug even as I'd hoped but had it been wool I'm sure would be great. Since you too are using plant based fibers that again have little to know bounce, you might want to maybe subtract 12-15% to start unless the hat is ribbed which would return some stretch to it all.

Good Luck!

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One other comment I would add, is that some garments require additional widths of fabric for "ease"...for instance, men's sweaters shouldn't form fitting.

Whereas, some garments, like hats and socks require "negative ease" or less fabric width than the size of the body part being covered.

I often think that hats and socks that fit me well look rather silly when they're not being worn...the look too small.

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Did you check your guage on the project? A lot of times swatches lie! Yeah they can give you a good estimate but your guage can change when you move to the project depending on your mood, how tired you are, or the whims of the knitting gods.