One of the great aspects of knitting for me is the buying of yarn. The internet has become a shop window on the world in this respect.

Here in Australia we produce great wool, but fall down on the value added component. Much of the clip is sent overseas for other countries to spin, to colour, to make it wonderful. We have some local mills, but I don't find myself as excited by their offerings as I am by many overseas spinners/dyers.

The attached photo is a very small part of my stash that I want to share with fellow MWK. The cranberry cone is Australian laceweight wool, the blue is Brown Sheep Cotton Fine for a T-shirt for me, the multi-coloured skein is Blue Moon Socks That Rock shade Fluorite, and my latest acquisition is Jaggerspun Zephyr laceweight silk/merino 50/50, shade is cassis.

As you can see, I couldn't wait to try out the Zephyr. It is a design by Sharon Miller from Heirloom Knitting around which I have put a garter stitch border. 

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We have the same problem here in New Zealand - all the good wools are exported, leaving us with the crap seconds (some of it from Oz, I might add).  It gets a little depressing to hear about all the wonderful wools available from NZ only to find that I can't purchase them here!   

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