HiyaHiya Interchangeable Sets

Does anyone have any experience with these needles? I'm looking for interchangeables of good quality (like Addis) but in the smaller sizes. I understand they make 2 different sets, one with the smaller sizes and one with the larger. How are the joins? What are the cables like? Can any recommend a source for them as well? I've only used this brand for DPNs so I have limited experience with them.


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I sent you a PM..but then found you'd posted here.
I got my steel set from Fabric.com...they often have sales.
and have pre-ordered the interchangeable bamboo ones, but they're not here yet...
The bamboo are expensive.
I found some sets of stainless steel non-changeables circular needles on ebay from China...they're CHEAP but very nice!
...they're not laser marked with the sizes the way the Hiya Hiya needles are...but the quality is the same.

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I have a set of knitpicks Options and like them a lot. They are not very cheap, but not as high as Addi. The joins are perfectly smooth, though they may come loose if you don't tighten them properly. The needles themselves are satin smooth. They are not very good with really slick yarns -- you may prefer wooden needles for that -- but otherwise I have no trouble with them. The thing I really like is that the cables are so soft, and they don't kink up like all the others. The whole set comes in a great wallet to keep them all in place and very organized.

I don't believe they make the smaller needles. I assume it is because it is much more difficult to do the threading on the ends for such a small needle size. That's the only drawback.

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I really like the Hiya Hiya's ... they're the only interchangable set I've found that goes all the way down to US size 2's. The metal needle part is a bit shorter than other interchangables (namely the knitpicks), so that can feel a little different at first as you're getting used to them. They come with two little rubber pads that are essential for getting a good grip as you screw the needles in to get a smooth transition to the nylon cord. The tips are not as sharp as knitpicks, so I find them better for splitty yarns. Since I've gotten them, I've seemed to consistently preferred them to the knitpicks needles.

In a test of my patience, this past weekend my new puppy somehow managed to grab my knitting and chew on my size 3 Hiya Hiya's ... even though my knitting was sitting right next to me! I didn't even notice her, she was so stealthy. A deep breath later, I was just grateful they were still usable, though now sporting some nice teeth dents. I can officially say they are "dog tested" though :).

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Jon, The Hiya's come in two lengths...4 inch and 5 inch...you might have the 4's.
Thanks for all your help at the retreat!!!