First sweater!

Well, I am pretty new to this group and I havn't posted anything. Here it goes. I havn't been knitting very long (total 16 months) and up until now I have only knitted small items. Because I am temporarily living in Japan, my projects must stay small (yarn costs about 2 times as much)

 Well, I finally broke down and bought enough yarn to do a sweater. It is not a terribly original design (see scull sweater in Stitch & Bitch book) but I like it. Wish me luck...


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I'm impressed.  We've been knitting about the same length of time.  I have only done scarves, purses, clogs and houseshoes.  I am not at all ready to tackle a sweater.  Good luck and keep us posted!



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Robert, jump on in, the water's fine! Cool

Ok, I wanna exchange lives with you.   You can come here to Tampa and be me, I'll come over to Japan and be you.  We'll do it for 6 months and then compare. Smile

Good for you on your sweater project.  PLEASE keep us posted, ok?  ALSO:  HUGE REQUEST FROM SEVERAL PEOPLE:  Let us know how you find the number of yarn stores there.  Are there a lot?  Do people do a lot of knitting?  Are there a lot of spinners?  Are the prices astronomical?   News!  News!   We  crave news from you. 

Also:  when did you want to get together to tie up loose ends on our "Exchange of Lives Project"?   What stories you must have to tell.  What a wonderful experience for you!  I'm green with envy.

Alles Beste!

~Mike in Tampa 

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You'll do great!  Knitting a sweater is really no different than any other project when you get right down to it; just a series of knits and purls.