Off to The Villages, FL for a week.

Since I am in the middle of a couple big projects, I decided that I would leave the knitting paraphernalia at home this time. It'll give my fingers a good rest. We will be sweating our butts of helping my 85-year-old mother with her landscaping. She has landscapers, but likes it when my son and I visit because we are more artistic types and that's usually enough to get us to do anything.

It's going to be 90 degrees hot and thick with humidity, so shorts and t-shirts are the order of the day. Hopefully, a day at the Atlantic Ocean I like will be not so crowded. I really do love the beach in New Smyrna. Of course there is always a pool at my favorite hotel, The Grand Floridian. We stayed there 20 years ago and my 28- year-old son has memories of bits and pieces of it so he would like to recapture some of the ones that were lost. I mostly remember the bills for the hotel and unlimited entrance to all things Disney. Thankfully, I just handed the bills to father-in-law. So, my son and I are just going down to have a nice dinner in their cafe and then walk through the hotel and see what there is to see. Then we may drive over to Downtown Disney to have dinner somewhere. There are lots of good places to eat there.

If there are any stitching guys out there that my son and I could visit, that would be fun. I am not bringing any knitting supplies, but it's still fun to get together with others. We will be in The Villages, which is north of Orlando and Tampa by an hour or so depending on traffic. It is just about 30 minutes south of Ocala. It's a beautiful town with over 100,000 homes now! It's like living in Disney World...everything so clean. Anyway, if any of you stitches are out there between June 6 - 10 and would like to get together somewhere for coffee or wherever, just send me an email from here and I will be able to retrieve it on my yahoo account. You are also all welcome to IM me using Yahoo if you want to chat. I am

Take care guys. I should know by the end of this trip if i can go to the Denver retreat. Mom's got a bug in her bonnet about making her eyes beautiful and young again, so I will have to meet with him to determine if this is really the best for her body. If I can dissuade her from doing it, I will contact the right people and re-up my reservation and send in the check. I really want to meet all you fantastic guys who are going. And I love the mountains of Colorado for exploration.

Stay cool in the heat.
Stay safe with wicked weather falling from the skies.
Stay safe when the wicked weather picks things up and deposits them on your house...or picks your house up and flips it upside down. Amazing pictures coming out of Mass. on the news this weekend.

Be well.



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Have a great time. Enjoy your time with mom and it's always a good thing to take a break from knitting once in a while.


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Mark, have you left yet? Are you sure it's wise to not bring anything at all knitwise with you? (Although, I'm sure there are yarn shops where you're going, if you change your mind.) I get the heat and humidity thing. So don't use wool. Check out linen yarn. Say a linen, sock-weight or something. (They say that linen is very "de rigueur" in the tropics.) Can't imagine not being able to relax at night without some sticks and string of some kind. That's just me though.

PS Have a great time!

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Have a great time with your mom and son. Hope you can make it to Retreat but if you can't swing it, there's always next time. Take care -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.