Blocking wires?

Hey guys,

I've been wondering about blocking wires these past few days. I know i can buy them online, but with the postal strikes going on right now, i'm trying to avoid any type of online purchase. I haven't found any local shops that carry. Has anyone experimented with using wire rods from the hardware store. My only concern is them leaving rust stains on my knitting due to the wet yarn.



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That is exactly the issue. If you wanted to try them I would suggest getting a can of polyurethane or some other water resistant coating and try coating them first before use. That may stop any kind of corrosion that may stain your knitting

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Most people use welding rods. They are very strong, and come in a variety of thicknesses. Use something quite fine. They don't seem to rust or cause staining. You can find them very inexpensively from any welder or supply store.

For flexible wires, you can get piano wire from a music supply store. Again, check for the thickness of wire you want to give you the flexibility you require.

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could you use fishing line? it's not metal and quite strong and flexible

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I was able to get stainless steel rods from my local welding supplier...

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Wow, thanks for all the suggestions guys! The hubby actually works for a company that distributes metals and plastics so I'll see if he can get me any if not I'll hit the hardware store.