My mother has decided she wants a doily for her table. While searching for knitted doily patterns, I cam across the following:

A mega doily rug. Wow... I think they look awesome. Looking into how to make one. Haven't had much luck yet. Not sure who you would control the size of your loops with just your hands. Still loving this concept.

Anybody know of a tutorial out there?


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the "cotton rope" she used wouldn't hold up's cotton fibre wrapped with thread and is made to be covered with fabric. Pick a sturdier rope for your project...
Tom Hart has crocheted some awesome rugs with hemp rope from the hardware store!

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It's not knit, but crochet, so would be much easier to do with the hands than a knitted piece. I do have plans for doing just that with very large needles using a doily pattern I've used many times. I have made it with very fine yarn, thicker yarns and have plans for very thick yarns -- just to show how size of yarn (and of course needles) will affect the final product. One day.

But $600??? Really!?

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It's an elegant looking rug. Good luck with it. Would love to see it if you make it.

Judged not practical.

I should have done my research. It doesn't look like it is cost practical. The rope used to make it is about a buck a foot. I'm betting you would need at least 400 ft. You could use a nylon alternative, but then it wouldn't hold dye, and it wouldn't feel as good.

Another option is to use a smaller cord and a very large crochet hook. The smaller cord is about 35.00 for a 5 lb spool. I guess there's a reason they are selling it for $600 a rug.

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Don't give up on dyes very easily!
...use RIT or acid wool dyes.

if you wanted it to be rope-sized, you could braid it up kumihimo style.... it would be a lot of work, but would be super cool :-)