Looking for "skull cap" pattern

Getting holiday projects ready, a friend of mine wants a cap like Muslim men wear. It's not really just a short ski cap-- and wonder if anyone has come across such a pattern. Please let me know.


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I've seen two styles - one *is* very much like a brimless watchcap/skullcap. Whatever you want to call it. Sometimes with a texture or even a lace pattern. Occasionally colourwork. The other style is a pill-box type - a circle with straight sides. This is more frequently done in colourwork. I've seen both types called kufi, though the more correct term for the second style is keppeh.

instructions for a kufi here

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Try these sites:





Mario's right (again!).  Any watchcap recipe will work, just omit the first set of rows (should be identifiable by around 10-20 rows of k1, p1,  or k2, p2.  So, start where that stops either in plain knit OR you *could* do k2tog, yo,  to give a more Kufi look.  

Anyway, these sites should help get you going and then you can improvise on a 'theme' !Cool


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This is a pattern that I've been wanting to try.  I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but it's worth checking out

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Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

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Jeff, that pattern looks good...but the largest size is only 22 inches... most men's heads are closer to 23... do you know if anyone has tried that pattern...

I have knit several of thse head hugger hats -- the pattern is a bit confusing at first but its a great excercise in short row shaping and the pattern was written by a man who knits!