Danish Pattern Help!!! (again)

I tried using Google translate to translate these instructions for this lace shawl pattern. But It's just not coming out right in English...so, calling all Danish male knitters!!! Please help me translate this pattern! It came with a knitting chart which I understand...its the instructions I dont get, Im sure its the same old instructions on following the chart and everything but I want to make sure I understand what im getting into!!! Here they are!

Also one thing, in the translation google gave me it says "On first pattern row knit immediately one thread of the contrast colour into the shawls middle stitch."...is this like a lifeline? Or is it just to help me know when the middle stitch is so I know when to do the center stitch decrease? Because the shawl is supposed to be all one color...HELP!!!

Slå 430m op, ganske løst. Strik straks på1 mønsterp en tråd af afvigende farve med ind i sjalets midterste maske, hvilket gentages hele sjalet op. På diagrammet er alle retsidens pinde vist. Alle pindene fra vrangsiden strikkes vrang, undtagen de 3 yderste m i sjalets sider, der som vist på diagrammet altid strikkes ret til en kant.
Efter p nr. 145 er der 11m tilbage. På 146.p fra vrangsiden, Strikkes 5. og 6.m ret sammen. Buk arbejdet sammen ret mod ret. Hold begge pindespidser i venstre hånd og strik med en 3. p og stadig fra vrangsiden, en p ret gennem begge hold m. Der lukkes derefter af. Hæft alle ender. Fugt sjalet i lunkent vand. Langs øverste kant spændes det op mednåle ganske tæt, og i de skrå kanter trækkes blondens tunger ud i facon, og der sættes en nål i hvert eneste af hullerne på 1.p Lad sjalet tørre helt.

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Hi Mitch, I will try to translate:

You are right about your translation of the first row, but there may be an error. It says cast on 430 stitches, therefore there cannot be a center stitch but a gap between the two center stitches. Please check the number of cast on stitches. The coloured thread is NOT a lifeline, only a center marking.

And now the translation:
Cast on 430 stitches, very loose. Knit at once in the 1st row a thread of different colour into the center stitch (or center gap?????), this thread follows the center through the whole shawl.
On the chart are shown all the right side rows. All the wrong side rows are purled except for the first and last three stitches which are always knitted as an edge.
After row 145 there are 11stitches left.On the row 146 (wrong side) knit together (NOT PURL) stitches 5 and 6.
Fold together the shawl right sides facing holding both needles in your left hand and KNIT with a third needle one row through both stitches (one stitch from each needle), 5 stitches left. Cast off.
Wet the shawl. Along the upper edge it is blocked with pins very close. Along the slanting edges pull out the points and place a pin in each of the holes from the 1st row. Let it dry.

Hope this is understandable, otherwise just ask again.

Best regards