Possibly the worst circular needles in the world?

A while back, I purchased two sets of Lantern Moon needles because they were on sale, US size 4's and 6's, and I wanted to share my not-so-great experience with them to potentially save somone the trouble.

I used them to work on knitting a knitting bag, which was something I was improvising while using the exercise bike (yes, I knit while riding the recumbant exercise bike in my basement... I know it's weird, but it makes the time go by quicker). They were the ebony needles, and maybe ebony is just too brittle to be a good material for making needles as small as US 4, but without too much abuse from me, one of the two needles snapped. Being stubborn, and a bit miffed at how much I had paid for them, glued the broken end together and smoothed it out with some sand paper, and tried to continue to use them, when the second side snapped too.

I might forgive them their delicateness if they didn't also have the worst transition to the nylon cord that I've had the chance to experience. Even with worsted weight yarn, the stitches would catch badly there. And then, on the size 6's, although they didn't snap, the wooden end came apart from the cord connector, and I had to glue that back in.

So, I really do not recommend Lantern Moon circular needles ... has anyone else had a similar experience with them? Any other horror stories anyone wants to share about other needles?


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I would STRONGLY recommend the stainless steel circular needles by both Hiya Hiya and ChiaoGoo.
They both have ravelry groups...
The steel is hollow, so they aren't heavy...and they're not quite a slick as the nickle plate ones.
I *LOVE* them!
...and also their double points.
The HiyaHiya needles are also available in a changeable set...LOVE 'em!
You can get the Hiyas on line (often on sale) at fabric.com.

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The Hiya's are my favorite set of interchangables these days too ... i love that they go down to a size 2!

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I have two pairs of the laminated Harmony circulars from KnitPicks - sized 2.25 and 3.0 mm [1 and 2 US, although a bit oddball from the norm] - and am liking them. I did have to do some smoothing of the wood where the joint is with the metal but that wasn't too problematic. They've been nice for Magic Loop for socks as I travel. Won't replace my doublepoints completely but they make a nice addition to my collection. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.