Ipad 2

My roommate just bought an IPad 2 (pretty cool device), I was thinking of knitting a personal cover/sleeve for her. Any ideas where I may find a pattern to work from?


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No idea, Andy, but that's an awesome tattoo!

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Hi Andy,

Check out MWK's own Millard: http://theknittingmill.blogspot.com/p/patterns_05.html. He designed a cover and generously made it available on his website. You can find some others on ravelry.com, too.

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Why thank you.

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thanks for the site I'll try it

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Hi Andy there is book called knitting with balls, thats no longer in print but available through amazon market place and ebay that has a laptop sleeve that could work well for an iPad.

I'll look through my books to see if I can find it and send it to you.


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Here is a link to the pattern i was referring to. The pattern if for a laptop sleeve but it can be easily modified for an iPad.


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Wow... I havn't been on here in forever!

So I made this pattern for an ipad cover with sport weight yarn (original calls for Worsted) and modified the flap for 3 buttons and a stylus holder:

My iPad Cozy

PM me if you want the notes, or you can check it out on my Ravelry Page for this project:

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Nice. I like that. Alot