The Kool-Aide Socks

The drink mix socks. They hang funny- and seem to lack elasticity which I think was a function of the raw wool I used but may be from microwaving during the dyeing process.
Note: If you try to do drink-mix socks remember to use the sugar-free crystals- It's for knitting not for drinking!

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I have spun a lot of raw wool---washed it---and let it air dry----have dyed lots of wool, too, but never encountered any lack of elasticity----maybe the microwave did have an effect---microwaving seems to occur on a molecular level and causes change in the structure of the original material. I have never run across this phenomenon and hopefully some of the MENWHOKNIT will know more about this.

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my sister-in-law dyes wool in the microwave continually. She's a weaver/ I doubt the zapping hurts the wool. It seems to be a reliable way of setting the dye.
I use an electric vegetable steamer.

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Did you hang a lot of weight on the yarn when you hung it to dry? Sometimes that takes away elasticity.

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Very nice looking socks. Have you washed them yet? The one time I had some wool overstretch it went back to usual bounce, etc. after I washed it and let it dry without tension. Also, if you let them dry flat it will help...I usually hang mine by the toes and that stretches them a little bit, especially in the foot. Luckily, not enough to matter to me. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hi Brent, it's hard to tell from your picture, but to me it looks like they are knit a little on the loose side, or that they are simply too big. I am a loose knitter (a very loose knitter) and often have to go down one or two sizes to get the right tension. One thing that I have done with wool is "spot dry" them in a hot dryer for just a few minutes. I have one vest that I knit that hangs way down below my waist. When I wash it, I'll stick it in the dry just for three or four minutes, and that's just enough to shrink it back to size until the next time I wash it.

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