Out of the many members in the group- are there many Canadians or even more specifically northern-ontarions? I am seeing all the discussion of male knitting retreats in the US and am getting more and more envious. Up here in the Canadian Sault I knit in near isolation where I'll crash the odd "craft night" or meet up with my mother's octogenarian gang at best.
Through "deviant art" online I've met a few (female)knitters and plan to do a show with one within the next year.
Probably there is a handy site navigation tool here somewhere but if one needs it they probably cannot find it. This is not a criticism of the site just an admission of my lack of skill with a computer.


As a male knitter in northwest Oklahoma I feel the isolation, too, and join with a female friend of mine occasionally to knit, visit, and encourage each other. Last year several of us in the northwest quadrant of Oklahoma formed a group called Fiber Fanatics of Northwest Oklahoma (FFONWOK), which is also the name of our Facebook page. We have meetings bimonthly except during the summer months. There are two of us males in the group now, and the other guy was elected chair for the coming year. In fact, during the election of officers, one of the ladies in the group said, "I think our chairperson should be a man."

I'm considering contacting the local Vo-Tech school about offering evening knitting classes since Woodward has no LYS, the closest one being over 60 miles away. Maybe through some courses we can grow a group of fiber enthusiasts. My current work of warehouse manager for a drilling fluids company inhibits much of the activity I desire as a fiber artist, including any taking off time to meet with others at retreats. One of these days though . . . . . . , and I can't wait.

Your level of activity in the knitting arena doesn't look like you require constant encouragement from others; you seem driven. Keep it up.


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I'm both an American and Canadian citizen -- living and working in southwestern Ontario -- and while it's more populous down here, I too, knit in isolation.

There is a knitting group that meets at a local coffee place every Tuesday morning -- but, I just can't bring myself to hang out there all the time. I'm the only man... they are lovely ladies of all ages... but being the only guy ads a weird pressure...

Anywho... know that in spirit you are NOT alone.


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There is a whole big handful of guys on this site alone that are from Ontario! I think you could all form your own chapter of MWK. And I expect you should have a retreat above the 49th. Ted, one of the organizers for the Easton retreat, is in southern Ontario.

I am out in the west. Well, actually, in the mid-West, and there is only one other male knitter that I get to see now and then. There used to be a few more, but I lost touch with them. Males tend to be solitary knitters -- and that is not good. We need to share and encourage each other.

Hey, all you Ontarians --- where are you?? Let's get a northern retreat!

btw, Fibre week is coming up soon. Anyone going?

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I used to live in Toronto and tried several times to organize a knitting retreat, no luck or maybe no interest. I now live in Nova Scotia but would travel to Ontario for a MKR, so if you have more luck than I did please keep me in mind. There are a lot of male knitters in Toronto but they seem to prefer knitting in private, not in groups. Good Luck!!

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I also knit in isolation for a long time. There was a strong Fiber Guild in Casper for a while and that let me interact with others but then I went back into isolation for some time until joiniing a LYS open knitting group and branching into a knitting academy we have here in Casper. One way I kept in the public eye [other than to knit anywhere and everywhere in public] was to demonstrate spinning and knitting at our State Fair. Even so, the majority of knitters I interact with are women. Just a fact of life since most men -with exceptions- aren't very comfortable with knitting in public venues. Hopefully, that will continue to change. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.