Socks and Fish

I've been making socks almost exclusively for over a year now and am looking forward to trying something new.
I want to try my hand at a more 3D venture specifically:knitting the common fish of lake superior. Has anyone here got any experience or advice in 3 dimensional pattern writing?
Fish are not as complex in form as say a moose head or even a raccoon as they are almost tube-like but I need to research some of the elements such as fin placement, colour subtlety, and texture.
I think if I knit from mouth to tail the shape of a stockinette stitches may naturally look a tiny bit scale like.
Some of the species I am considering are yellow perch, northern pike, rainbow and lake trout, whitefish and small mouth bass.
The attachment here is of a pair of socks I finished a couple of weeks ago made with some leftover donations of fingering weight commercially dyed wool.

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I love them. They are so happy!

GOOD JOB !!!! Those are my kind of socks----there are so many happy yarns available, why would I want to use a plain, solid color.

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An ambitious project you are undertaking - I wish you the best of luck and looking forward to seeing your results...

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Love the socks ... they do radiate a child-like happiness :) It looks like they have a dutch heel? I have just recently begun knitting socks, so I haven't actually done one with a dutch heel yet (the two pairs i've knitted use short row heels), although I just cast on for a new pattern this morning that will hopefully change that soon!

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I had to look up the term dutch heel as I tend not to follow patterns and am a bit ignorant of proper terms. But yes it is indeed a dutch heel and I tend to use them when I do socks- I like the shape of them when worn. Thanks for the nice words about the socks- it is so cheating to take credit for precoloured patterns while meanwhile I just knit some plain socks- but the changes in pattern do allow one to feel like something is being accomplished and easy to remember what was happening during each part. For example I remember the Vancouver-Boston game that I knit the blue-grey section in I was hoping it'd go to overtime (and then the section would be a bit longer).

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Those socks are awesome!
Also, you might want to check out this pattern for some fishy ideas:

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Very fun looking socks. Lots of luck on the fishing adventure. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That's a very nice and colorful pair of socks. Great job and very inspiring for a knitter who is knitting his first pair of socks. Keep up the good work.

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I think I must warn you- once you finish making a pair of socks you may be hooked- They are usually quite simple and quick to make - and if you like trying different things out they allow for almost instant gratification. Oh and if they are ugly as sin they usually will still get worn.

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depending on how committed you are to the fish versus the knitting, you might try crocheting them. it's a lot easier to work freeform in crochet than it is in knit. or you could do a combination of knitting and crocheting. love the idea! jesse