New and Meager Beginnings

So I'm being a bad kid tonight. It's a sluggish night for a holiday weekend and I have my personal laptop with me so I'm taking a few minutes to do some updating.

The socks are soooo done. And much to my surprise, the wonky toe that the pattern called for is more comfortable than I would have thought. As for the picture, I promise I'm not wearing high waters. I was trying to show off the socks a bit and I was running out of time getting ready for work and walking dogs and what not. Sorry.

These are the "Queen Kahuna Crazy Toe's and Heels"Two at a Time socks. I had some trouble following her true to form 'crazy' instructions, but if you have someone who's done them before that can guide you through they're pretty darn awesome. I do belive I may now be a two at a time convert.

I wanted to try the two at a time to see if it would make the dreaded ribbing go any faster. To a point, it did. But on that note I was thinking about the baby blanket that was completed and how much I love Moss Stitch for a textural highlight and realized, Moss Stitch is just as tedious as ribbing, but why do I find it a breeze yet despise ribbing? I know... kind of weird.

I also got to start the replacement shawl for Bob's sister Meagan. I' really excited about this project. If you have read prior postings you know said shawl became a table runner. I think this one will keep my interest going much better. Not much of a beginning but it is a start. These triangle form the bottom edge shawls are my favorite. I love how it gets quicker and quicker as you near the end.

Yarn Choice. I think she'll love it
Meager Beginnings
This is the designers pic. NOT MY OWN Just to give you an idea of the finished item

Other things in life... I have decided that although I adore the Sullivan dog, he is my last Great Dane ever, and my last pure breed dog purchase. He to date, is my only 'purchased' dog. All others have been rescues, and true to the stereotypical form, he has been my msot expensive dog. Between illness's and injury he has at a year as of the first of July cost me probably close to 3,000.00 in the 10 months we've had him. He is on his 3rd round of antibiotics in as many weeks for digestive issues, the last batch costing me 140.00. And honestly, the price isn't the issue. It's more the fact that he just doesn't fit our lifestyle so well. Camping is a chore with him and seasons... He gets to hot to fast in the summer and too cold to fast in the winter for a lot of outdoor activity. You worry about joints, bloat and his protective demeanor at all times. Like I said, I love the bugger and enjoy having the big dog around and hopefully he'll have a long and healthy as possible life, but I won't be buying another dog ever, nor will I plan to have another non-mutt. But, those are just plans. God knows what will really happen.


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Ok, I usually read all your stuff but I don't recall you telling us what the new shawl pattern is. If you have and I missed it, I'm sorry. It's lovely and I *need* to do it!

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I probably didn't. It's a shawl pattern I discovered wjile reading the that is called 'Damask'. You can download it from i'm sorry, I don't recall the price though, but I know it wasn't much. Maybe 4.50? I've had it sitting in my queue to work on for a couple months now.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Very lovely project, Q. I don't recall the YarnHarlot ever showing a photo of her finished piece. That ought to be a great shawl when finished, providing you get the yarn issue resolved. Too bad about poor Sully. Sorry to hear the big rascal is sick yet again. Talk to you later. OOPs - forgot to mention that the socks look great. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.