I'm so excited I may wet myself...

The www.menwhoknit.com's rocky mountain summer retreat is quickly approaching! Less than a week left! I'm fighting the urge to pre-pack. Because then I'd just have to unpack every time I needed something. Lets face it, that would just irritate me. I wish Emmitt were a real kid so he'd be just as excited as me since he's coming with. But he's the utterly awesome pointy eared frisbee catching E-Mutt which is even better. He'll never have a messy diaper to change, prom to buy a single use suit for or steal my car/money/favorite shirt.

He's looking very underwhelmed about the entire affair, no?

Okay, enough silliness. You all have a great weekend.


Simpawknits's picture

Awww. I want to hug Emmitt. Have a great time at the retreat! I wish I could go.

AKQGuy's picture

Thanks, we're going to try. Wish you could hit it too

bobinthebul's picture

You might consider knitting yourself some soakers then. :) I wish I didn't live so far away, I'd think about going myself.