Friday night is boys night at I Knit London

Or shoud I say men's night! We've been open 2 weeks and we've only had 1 man so far but I don't care we are committed to having a male knitting group in our great capital. Well, women are welcome but men are the centre of attention for fridays. I think if we persevere we might just make it work.

I wish we could see Chris Vandenberg aand Stckywarp and JPaul and all the rest of you but maybe we might see Ivan The Terrible, with a name like that I really hope so , Ivan I think you might need some DPN.

So, for Fridays, pray for men, London needs them.



 I would SOOOOO be there if I could.  I think London could use a visit from some its cousins from the Colonies . . . we have a reputation to maintain of being perfectly capable of wielding sharp sticks as we mangle the King's English.  Let's see: we could start in Mayfair, offend every ear in Kensington then work our way right down Knightsbridge, all of us surely, by now, bleeding.  HA!   Gad, is London ready for Chris, Shayne, Mario! Mario! Mario!, Lars, me, et alia?   I dunno.  The fabric of English sensibilities could be ripped in a trice . . .    Surprised

Gerard, good luck with the new group.  It'll be a word-of-mouth thing, I'm sure, to get it going but word will spread fast.  Always does.

Hugs to you and a big, fat


~Mike in Tampa (who, since it's raining here, would so much more enjoy the rain of London . . . at least for a fortnight . . .)

आदि लक्ष्मी 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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