First sock...progress...

Well I am enjoying my first sock knitting adventure, not the DPN’s though. The pattern I am using to help me with the first basic sock to learn the ropes with calls for 2 rounds of 2x2 ribbing, I found that very small and am opting to work a lot farther on the ribbing before working in all SS. I decided to use my cell phone and take a quick pic on my cars dash before putting it away again to head back into the office. It’s not much to see but I am thrilled I am working in the round. Can’t wait to start on the pattern I wanted to start socks with (Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch – Treads) and use circulars instead of DPN’s.

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Looks like a good start to me! You'll get used to the DPNs fast enough, lots of it is just finding the most comfortable way to hold them. I like magic loop, but find that for some things DPNs are easier, like toe-up socks. Also, though lots of sock knitters do use three, I like to use 4 dpns, dividing the instep over two needles. It makes things lots more flexible and getting "round the corners" is easier that way. But it's really all a matter of personal preference. Keep us updated!

2 rounds o 2x2 ribbing is really NOT enough----two inches is more like it----I use ribbing for the entire leg of the sock and down the top of the foot---everyone picks out their own variations on the amount of ribbing. Try not to be intimidated by DPNs---you are only knitting with two needles at a time--sort of ignore the others until needed-----I tried circular needle socks----Tried and Cried----ripped it all out and went back to my trusty DPNs----here, again, everyone has a favorite method/ tool---try'em all and pick the ones that BELONG to YOUR fingers. What ever you decide on, you is in the process of becomin a sock ho----enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

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Good beginning! I think the hardest part of doing a sock is the first few rounds. You are almost ready for a fitting.

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If you have knit two rounds with DPN's, I think you have them mastered and you have another knitting skill under your belt. I really like the colour you have chosen.

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I was lucky that I took to dpns right away. However, doing Magic Loop, I still have problems with the first few rounds [unlike dpns]. Most of it is just getting used to using them. Looks like a great start and that is a nice green. I also use 4 needles, knitting with a 5th. It is much more comfortable for me and makes designing simpler. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.