remove marker, slip stitch, replace marker. Why?

At the above URL is a pattern that I've been makeing for years, but I've always ignored the following instruction because I just don't understand it.

"Remove your end of round marker and slip 1 st from the left hand needle onto the right hand. Replace marker."

Can anyone tell me what this is supposed to accomplish? The hat is supposed to look rustic.

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I suppose it's to mark a new beginning of the round. It would depend on what happens after that. Personally I very rarely use stitch markers; for the kind of stuff I do, either the yarn tail or just the pattern of the knitting generally tells me where I am.

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I guess what I'm not seeing is this: If I remove marker, slip stitch and replace marker, then that slipped stitch I just moved to the right needle is not going to be knit until the next round, right? In the cap pattern this happens after every decrease round, so, I'm going to end up with a little "comment" in a spiral as I go up the hat. Interesting. Still not sure if it's a mistake in the pattern or If I'm making something out of nothing. I can just try it and see. Just thought someone might have seen this before. Benefit, I got a response from a very sexy man;-) Your collection is beautiful. By the way, I use markers alot. My short term memory is ... what was I saying?



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You are only asked to do this when decreasing for the crown, and by slipping one stitch your round is starting in a different position. It probably makes a difference to the appearance of the decreases.

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Sometimes this format just helps me think things through. I'm going to try it an see what the hat looks like.

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Yo tampoco!! jajaja

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Tony, have you knit this hat yet? That is the only way to know what it will look like. You can't really see it just by reading the directions.

You need to move the start of the round one stitch to the left on alternate rows. That is because you are going to need that slipped stitch on the other side of the marker for the next decrease. Do it and you will see. You are doing a double decrease and will need THREE stitches to do it. After you have done the decrease before the marker, you are left with ony TWO stitches for the next decrease, and that won't work.

The other question was about slipping that stitch. Again, you need to actually do it to see what effect you will have. Because I know Sarah from another list, I wrote to her and asked her if I can knit that stitch after moving the marker. Always go to the source when you want to know anything, I say! Here is what she wrote: "Yep, you can knit it if you like :) It's just two different ways of moving the end of the round." Whatever you do, be consistent throughout and it will look just fine. Honest!

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The beginning of the round is being shifted one stitch to the left. you can knit that stitch or you can slip it. if you do not do it at all it probably introduces a bit of bias in the result.

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