Vest finished!

I don't have a pipe to pose with so i had to do all the other traditional modeling poses bar putting my foot on something and pointing out into the distance with one hand in my pocket.

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What a beautiful finished work! You must be proud after all that effort! Congratulations!



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Looks great!
...and the brick wall suggests that you're a stand up comedian at a club in San Mort Sahl or Phyllis Diller!

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Truly a work of art. Well done and a perfect fit.

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Very nice! I like the coffee pose best.



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Great looking Fair Isle.

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Wow! Congratulations! It looks awesome. Really classic. I have yet to make something I can wear. It must be an awesome feeling to put on something so beautiful that you've made. Beautiful job.

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it is quite. the first vest i knitted turned out too unshapely and a bit ugly, this im really really pleased with.

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Excellent job on the vest and I love the photos! Congrats!
The Knitting Mill