chenile for a man's sweater?

Hi Guys,

I bought some more yarn this weekend and I'm looking for sweater patterns. Anyone know of any sites that have some nice patterns? I'm looking for patterns that are a little more modern and trendy as opposed to the classics...

I've got a really nice chocolate brown wool - bulky which i thought would make a nice turtleneck perhaps, those ones with the big bulky collar part?

I've also got a 10 lbs roll of a dark teal chenile yarn, somewhere between medium and bulky weight, any suggestions? I haven't come across any men's patterns that use chenile.... what do you guys think? I'm wondering if I can make anything out of it without it looking like I borrowed one of my mother's sweaters... lol. Or should I just keep this one for blankets and such?

I'm really at a loss as for what do to with these two yarns so any suggestion would be much appreciated. I have to knit them as I've run out of room to store yarn... it just kills me to pass up a good sale lol!



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careful with the has to be knitted fairly tight or it will "worm". The chenille will creep into loops that are very difficult to get rid of...
Love Chenille...but definitely swatch and knit at a tight gauge...