Summer is for lace...

Several months ago I attempted hand dying for the first time. Remember this? I was so happy with the way the way the yarn came out and began scouring Ravelry for the perfect pattern. After a bit of searching I finally found the "Column of Leaves Scarf" by Brooke Nelson; it was perfect! The yarn is a DK weight SW wool that was knit with size US 6 (4mm) needles. This pattern is awesome! It's easy to memorize and works up beautifully. I would definitely recommend it for a first time lace knitter.
I casted on with the rust and after finishing half of the yarn, switched to the autumnal variegated before finishing up with the remaining rust color. The finished length was approximately 64"
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I do remember when you dyed this yarn (Kool-Aid, right?). I loved the colors then, and you've found a beautiful pattern to show them off!

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Thanks so much Ray! Yup, it was good ol' Kool-Aid. I have to be completely be honest though and reiterate that it was most assuredly beginner's luck.

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Great matchup of colors and pattern. Congrats. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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You didha great job as always, kudos!


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Aww...thanks Zach!

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Beautiful scarf and a tack sharp photo. 2x kudos!

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Thanks Darrel that means a great deal! My photography skills are FINALLY improving after, literally, years of practice, education and reading.

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Most excellent, Mill, as usual. This is a pattern I'd be tempted to try. I already have someone in mind to make it for. Is there a right side and wrong side to this scarf? And what is SW wool? I can see that a lot would depend on the yarn I choose...

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Thanks Tom!!! You really should give this one a try. It's nice and portable too; once you memorize the pattern you're not a slave to carrying the instructions around. There is a wrong side. SW is superwash wool. SW takes dye so well and even.

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Koolaid, who'da thunk? The colors are wonderful, and the scarf is really elegant.

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Thanks Bob! I know, right? It works so well, though.

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I remember the yarn, thought it was gorgeous then. Beautiful scarf it became.

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Thanks Gene!

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Hi Mill,
Really beautiful yarn and I think you found just the right pattern for it. I am in the market to make a scarf for a friend of mine and I am inspired to make one using this pattern. I found a YouTube series that shows how to make this scarf. Her name is Marlene and she does a good job explaining it.
Column of Leaves Tutorial

Thanks for the inspiration!


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Thanks Mark! I had not yet seen that video. I do have one word of advice. I like to use charts as opposed to the written instructions. If you are well versed with reading lace charts, I'd follow this chart. If you are new to charts, I would follow Brooke's chart on her site. Also, there are matching hat and fingerless mitts patterns to match the scarf.

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Thanks for that, Mark. I was curious to see what the wrong side looked like. (I was curious about the wrong side of lace in general.) And I was happy to see that it didn't look all that wrong. It's different from the front but it still has a pleasing look to it.

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The scarf is beautiful. A lovely pattern and great skill in adapting the yarn to the project.

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¡Muchísimas gracias Ron!

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One more question, Mill. How much blocking is involved? For your Niebling project, blocking was essential. Is that the case with this scarf as well? In the YouTube tutorial that Mark linked, it looked like it was ready to wear right off the needles. Is that true?

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I think blocking any lace is pretty essential. This particular scarf is passable unblocked, but when blocked it becomes so much more beautiful. The drape is increased, the pattern opens up, it lengthens a lot, widens a bit, and becomes luxurious! It's hard to explain and probably can't be fully appreciated until after it's done. I wish I would have taken "before" pictures of the scarf, but I'm sure there are some on Ravelry. This pattern is easy to block due to it being a big rectangle.

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Thanks, Mill. That makes a lot of sense, of course. I've been making lots of gloves lately that don't need blocking and I just kind of forgot that most knitting needs to be blocked. Thanks for the reality check!

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Great job, I love this scarf - I had knitted in all white and had a great time doing it.



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Thanks Eric! Well, if I knit a scarf (not my favorite project to knit), it relays a positive message about the pattern. I had fun with this one. The yarn definitely helped a bit too. (",)

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Tremendo trabajo en encaje Mill. The colorway is stunning!

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Muchas Gracias un jefe de ganchillo!

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Beautiful scarf Mill, I love those autumnal colours. You've done a great job. Also super sharp photography, I envy your skill.

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Thanks Kerry! I'm still a it of hit and miss with my photography, but I've learned the most important thing is lighting. I've had luck with natural lighting early morning or late afternoon and using the macro setting on my camera (I have a fairly cheap, point and shoot Pentax Optio).

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Very glood match between yarn and lace! Stunning results.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thanks Mario! I'm glad you think so, I think looking for a pattern that fit this yarn that I fell in love with was the most challenging thing of the whole project.

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Just spectacular! Thank you for sharing that with us.

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Thanks Mark!

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Stunning and inspiring



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Love it and it's absolutely fabulous! Sid

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Another great job!