Hoosier Men Knitting Together

Wondering if there are some men in central Indiana who would be interested in joining a men's knit group. Thinking something very low key and laid back, after all, don't most of us knit to reduce stress and use up stash? Mass Ave. Knit Shop has graciously agreed to be available as a meeeing place and has suggested either the first or third Thursday of each month.

If you have comments or interest, please let me know.


My Mom was born in Evansville, Indiana, Her Dad was from Logootee, Indiana. Does that allow me to be an honorary Hoosier? Grand Rapids, Michigan is a long ways away, but welcome to MenWhoKnit--a really BIG knitting group---no matter where we are living, we do not knit alone.

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Yep, you're 1/2 Hoosier! Thanks for the kind words and I'm knitting with you, one sweater, one pair of socks and a prayer shawl, and a few mittens. For now.