Crochet Cast off?

Three skeins and a few gazillion stitches later, I'm ready to cast of my "Vernal Equinox" shawl! YAY!
I'm sorta confused though by the crochet part, though. (I've got lots of crocheting experience, but never done this!) When you are doing the single crochet into the knit stitch(es) do you insert the hook purlwise or knitwise or does it make a difference? I've got like 550 stitches on needle and would obviously prefer to do it the right way the first time!


I have used crochet as a cast off method on an afghan, but never a shawl. I would think that knitwise would keep the stitches "straight" while purlwise would twist the stitches. Depending on the structure of the shawl, either method or both methods could be accepable. Try, maybe, about 10 or 15 stitches and if it doesnt seem to work, you wont have so much to tink back.

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I've done a lot of crochet bind offs. It's easier to do it purlwise in my opinion but I can't see that it makes any difference. And with many shawls you go through several stitches at one time (like a pattern grouping of 2, or 4, or 6 stitches) and do a single crotchet through those, for instance 4 stitches, then chain several to make a loop before picking up the next group. I hope that helps!


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Just be consistant -

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