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I have been knitting up a storm. I have attached a picture of a big dishtowel I am knitting, and 5 dishcloths that I have knitted (2 are not blocked and 3 are). Any way the dishcloths are just done in a garter stitch and I am sure you are all familiar with them. I am wondering if there is any pattern out there using the same technique to make the dishcloths except they would be rectangle shaped. I am sure I can figure it out but I am asking if any one knows. Please respond if you know? Thanks.

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Is it "Grandma's Favorite?"

That one (and it looks like what you have) does an increase and a decrease row.

k2 yo, knit to the end of the row, and doing the same thing back.

that gives you an increase of one stitch on each end.

The decrease is k1 k2tog yo k2tog on either side. The two k2tog give you a decrease of 2, but that's offset by the yo.

So to keep the pattern going diagonally, I think you'd alternate the rows; one increase and one decrease, so that the increase would always fall on side of the work and the decrease on the other, or you could say the increase on one end of the rows and decrease on the other end. Then when you have gotten it as far as you want, you'll start doing all decrease rows.

I haven't tried it yet but maybe that's the thing to do with the leftover acrylic from the socks I did for my mom!

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yup - you make the initial triangle - then you increase on one side and decrease on the other until you have the length you want, then you do the second (decreasing) triangle to finish off the last corner.

The initial triangle is an end along one side and the other side is the beginning of your "length" - this is the side you always increase on until you start the final corner.

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Ah yes, the addition of "make the initial triangle" is important, I'm glad you thought to add that, otherwise he would get a 4-stitch wide diagonally-striped ribbon. :)

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Then he would have to seam a whole mess of them to get the desired size. Makes me cringe to think of it. LOL

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Well, that could be nice too. Especially if he did them all in different colors of scrap yarn. Actually it would look kinda cool! But it would be irritating... Though methinks he'd probably suspect something was amiss a couple of rows into it!

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MMario hit it on the head - instruction wise. It might also be a good way to get used to bias knitting. I'll have to keep that in mind. Good looking washcloths and towel. -- Books, knitting, cats, chocolate, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Thank you all (especially MMario and bobinthebul). I have so much cotton left over from all of the dish cloths and dish towels that I decided to make a very simple afghan and that is how I will do it. Thank you all again!

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I experimented with this today; on the second one, I started with a sl1 instead of a k1 and it made a really nice edge.