Addi Clicks in my humble opinion

When I first learned to knit almost 8 years ago, I started out with the usual 2 pointed sticks. Since I am an academic wanker, I had to read all I could find on knitting during this introductory phase. Interestingly, at that time I could find only a couple of authors who talked about circulars and these vigorously maintained that circular needles were the only way to go. Believe it or not, this stance was considered rather radical and wasn't as accepted as it is today. After a month or two, I decided to take a sock knitting course. The instructor taught the method of two socks at the same time on two circulars which was my introduction to using circular needles. The LYS (I was living overseas at the time) stocked lots of different needles, including Addi Turbo. Some guys on MWK were using these and highly recommended them so I purchased some and gave it a go. At first, I found them difficult to use since the stitches seemed to fly off the slick needles. It didn't take long until I was hooked on them and I've never gone back. When I returned to New Zealand, I couldn't find them anywhere (and still know of only 1 store in the country which sells them!). So, thanks to eBay and the royal postal service, I bought every size in every length. This ended up being an unwieldy collection, difficult to store and to index. After a while, my knitting ended up being pretty much predictable (fairisle and socks) and I used only a few different needle sizes. The rest of the needles have ended up in the attic.
Then, along came the Addi Clicks. Great, I thought; these wouldn't take up much room at all. I bought the original set (in the big box) and then realised that I used sizes smaller than were in the set. So, the box went into the cupboard for a few years.
My current project which is almost finished is a cardie for my partner. It called for 5 and 5.5 mm needles so I finally was able to use the Clicks. I think they are fantastic! The needles are as smooth and lightweight as the regular needles and the new cords are a huge improvement over the old cords (I disliked having to boil them so they would relax after being stored away for a while). The old cords are awful for magic loop work in my opinion. The joins are smooth and don't catch the yarn. The mechanism for locking and unlocking the cords into the needles is easy and doesn't come undone when knitting. I bought the new case and discarded the big box so the set takes less space and is more portable. I think it's great to have all those different needle sizes in one compact case. My only regret is that the smaller sizes are still unavailable which means that after this project is completed I will be back to the old needles and cords. I've checked the internet and see that Addi Clicks are available in the lace set and also bamboo but the sizes are still too big for me. I like to be able to knit with 2.5 mm – 3.5 mm. If I knew how to do it, I would lobby Addi to produce the set in smaller needles.
At this point I can unreservedly recommend the Addi Clicks for their very satisfactory performance. I continue to be a Addi devotee.

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I agree that they're great, and I agree that they need to make them in smaller sizes. I realize there are limitations as to how small they can make them because of the "click" join (HiyaHiya makes an interchangeable set that goes down to "2's" but they have a screw join instead of the "click"). I own the original set, the lace set and the bamboo set. I have used all three sets, but I have only ever used the 4's--the smallest tips. I'm a fairly loose knitter (currently knitting a sweater in worsted weight on 2's), so I question how smart of an investment these were for me, but the gadget lover in me just couldn't resist.

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I have been tempted to purchase the lace and bamboo sets but I can't possibly rationalise the purchase. I have two small Hiya Hiya sets of their interchangeables. I am going to try them next.

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My mother has been in love with the addi click circular needles since she got the set last year. She uses them all the time and creates 2 socks in the round at once using 2 circulars together. I inherit all her cast-offs so am still using double pointed needles. She says when she goes out on the ice (euphemism for dying) I'll inherit her set and I can think of her when I get converted.

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Oh yes, I forgot to add that the numbering is on the needles instead of on the cords and is very legible which is good for old blokes like me with failing eyesight.

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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Kiwiknitter, I'm so glad you posted this, and that I read the post in detail. I'd been tempted to fork for a set of Addi clicks and had seen pictures of the sets which seemed to run pretty narrow. But it had never occurred to me to check the actual diameters included; I'd just *assumed* they went down to narrow gauges. If I'd forked out 160+ dollars and found that the narrowest gauge was 3.5 mm, I would have been mighty disappointed, since I do most of my stuff on 2 and 2.5 mm (socks) with occasional forays up to about 4.5; 5 is extreme for me! Thanks for sharing.

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Glad to assist! That would have been a big disappointment for you. I do a lot of shopping on the net and there have been times I didn't read the description carefully enough and was disappointed on receipt of the item.
If a knitter can use the sizes provided, then the money is well-spent. Like you, I stick pretty much in the 2-3 mm range. I'll just have to wait and hope for Addi to come to the party.

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The Addis are fantastic and I have not tried the US 4 for socks with DK yarn. I have two pairs of socks that I really like how they feel for me, one is on DK yarn and the other one is on Light Worsted. On fingering weight I have to go to US 1, I invested in a pair of DPNs from SIgnature and I have no worries about bending them. They are pricey. Addi's to make smaller clicks would have to change the design of the click system or create a new system for the smaller needles. Besides that Addi Clicks are the needles I use most.

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I love my Addi Click interchangeable needles. Like you, when I first bought them, 2 years ago, I bought the regular clicks in the big box and loved them and used them for everything that I could. My only complaint was that there was no 16" cable for them as the needle tips were too long to properly accommodate a 16" cable. However, despite that shortcoming, I love the set and used them any chance for any project that I could.

Fast-forward to my 43rd birthday earlier this year. I have a very close-knit (pardon the pun) group of friends at my LYS and after the shop closed that Saturday the day before my birthday, the ladies from the shop took me out to eat and gave me lots of presents. The shop owner, who is one of our friends, gave me a set of the Addi Lace Clicks! The set's smallest needle is a size US 4, like the regular Addi Clicks but they have 16" cables!

Since receiving the Lace set, I use them for almost everything instead of my regular Clicks. While the Lace set's needle tips are not nearly as pointy as other non-interchangeable lace needles that I've used in the past for other projects, they are more pointy then the regular Click needle tips and I find I knit much better on them than with the blunter tips on the normal clicks. I still use the regular Clicks for larger projects with the bluntness of the need really won't matter, but, the Lace set are my go-to set now for all things circular that can be done on them. Also, the cables from the regular set also work with the lace needles as well.

I share this in case someone out there is thinking of picking up a set of Addi Clicks so that they are aware of the original set as well as the lace set and take the time to look at them both. I personally, would recommend the Lace over the regulars going forward. But, that's just me.

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Hi Everyone,

Just adding in my voice for the love of Addi Clicks. I know the US distributors of Addi Turbos (Skacel) and mentioned to them this post. They explained that because of the way the clicks connect the needle has to be larger than the connection (which is why the smallest "click" needle is a US 4).

That being said, I use my clicks for every project possible - I love the fact that I can easily buy extra cords [the smallest reasonable cord would be 16" but for really crazy projects (such as a labyrinth sweater by Debbie New) custom cords can be ordered or standard cords can be combined with the connectors]. The needles are smoothe and do seem to make knitting faster (Brenda Dayne of Cast On swears by Addi Turbos!)... and when something creeps up where I need a needle smaller than US4 I use an Addi Turbo in a smaller size.

As far as the price, the system contains all US needle sizes from US4 to US15 (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 15), three different lengths of the new, extremely pliable blue cord (24", 32" and 40"), and one connector piece which helps to either store stitches or combine the cords. Even without combining cords, that's 30 different Addi Turbo needle sets for somewhere in the neighborhood of $170.00 which ends up being around $5.67 per set (REALLY a great price!) These are quite simply the highest quality interchangeable sets available.

Plus, by adding cords, it's possible to have a number of different projects in progress using the same size tips... additional cords are reasonably priced and increase the value even more.

SO... at the end of the day, in my opinion, I'd say the Addi Click interchangeable sets (either the standard or lace or whatever one is selected) is a fantastic standard set for the avid knitter. While it doesn't offer every possible needle size for every knitter, it does contain a wide variety of needle sizes and will provide years and years (probably decades) of service.

Keep your receipt too - if you're buying from an authorized retailer in the U.S., Skacel also warrants the needles for LIFE! Have a problem with your needle set? Get in touch with Skacel and they'll quickly remedy the situation.

Happy Knitting,



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Well said! I agree with everything you say here about Addi needles and the Clicks in particular. I love the practicality, flexibility and compactability of the set. But, I especially like the improved cord which is so much more flexible than the original one.

The Hiya Hiya set I bought has twist joins but the cords swivel which should keep the needles and cords from disconnecting (maybe Addi might consider this?). I haven't used these needles yet but they come in odd sizes: 2.75, 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 mm. What happened to 2.25, 2.50 and most importantly 3.0? Obviously, I'll have to complement it with the regular Addi Turbos. I'd rather just have a set of Addi interchangeables in the smaller sizes!

Since you are rubbing elbows with the Addi US distributors, why not put in a word for a smaller set with a different kind of join? You'd be doing the knitting world of Addi Turbo enthusiasts a great service!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly