Knit Alongs

I am really thankful for the weekly knitting group I attend. The ladies have made me feel really welcomed and I've learned so much from them. I am the only male that attends and they have been both gracious and extremely helpful. One thing that frustrates me is that the knit alongs are always targeted to them and although my wive now has a beautiful collection of beautiful knitted items I long to knit a project with a group of men geared to something for us.

Has this group ever done a knit along men's sweater? And would one of you more experienced members consider co-ordinating one for this community? There is a great men's cable alpaca sweater in the fall 2011 issue the Love of Knitting which can bee viewed on line at their web page. I am considering doing it as my next project. Would somebody like to co-ordinate that or another sweater for us to do as a group of men together this fall?


bobinthebul's picture

I might think about it, if I liked the design. Never done a sweater before!