Boyfriend Socks

We all know about the "sweater curse," but is there a general knitwear curse too? Hope not, because these are for my b.f. :) The pattern is "Jeck" (free Ravelry download). It's a nice easy sock and the slip stitch rib makes for a nice contrast of color and keeps it interesting. I didn't like the toe; it seemed way too much trouble so I just did a very standard one (knit to 3 before sole, k2tog, k1, k1, ssk).

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Extras: The pocket is from Cat Bordhi's "Tomato Heel Socks." I haven't tried the tomato heel yet but will soon. I did like the pocket idea, though I made mine smaller because I figured that anything of any size would just make the sock slip down. It's too small for the cell phone really, even though it's a light one (and it did slip). But small and roughly square, it is just right for other know, a key! A lighter! A spare moist towlette! ;)

I also love Cat Bordhi's "Hungry Stitch" method of making ssks straight and tight. Actually these seem to take care of themselves when they get washed though in something like a sweater where they're large and noticeable, it would be more important. Still, the anal retentive part of me loves doing that on the gusset decreases. It makes the whole process more interesting too.


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super cute! i'll need to look up the pattern to better understand some of your comments.

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Re curse ... ummm ... is your partner Turkish ? Mine suggested I not knit him socks because ... I am sure he said at the time that it was 'bad luck' ... it will signal the end of the relationship. So I have knitted him nothing so far... and he's loved the stuff I've done for myself and what I am currently doing for my nephew... I'll ask him again on your behalf just to make sure.


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Good for you. And go for it...I think most of the "curse" things are urban legends. I just hope he's honest enough to just say outright if he doesn't like them. And you can accept that, moving on to another project he likes better. Now, if he specifically asks for something, helps pick out the pattern and yarn, then says he hates it - no more knit goodies for him! [In my opinion.]

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Hehe no he's not Turkish, and he picked out the yarn himself, so no problem with him liking them! (He's pretty much watched the process and actually thinks he might want to learn to knit a little...) ;)

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That's good to hear. I spoke of it because a friend of Q and I had her husband do all that and still told her he hated the final piece. Of course, he was the same jerk who told her that a pair of all over ribbed socks, in shades of brown, were too "Girly" I think I would've beaned him with a frying pan...pacifist or not.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I think until we gay guys can marry in all 50 states and be recognized by the federal government, then we are immune to any and all sweater curses.