FO, among my first

Now that I think about it, this is among the first serious projects I started, and the fourth I've finished.

It is a scarf/shawl/wrap thing for my Mom. I didn't have a pattern, I just grabbed needles and yarn and dove in. The yarn is from Hobby Lobby. When I saw it, I immediately remembered an embroidered silk jacked my Dad got my Mom in Okinawa. My Mom loved it, and wore it until it was falling apart. The colors in the wrap are very close.

It is all done in Turkish stitch, which is the knit stitch equivalent of the purse stitch. It's long enough that it can be wrapped over the shoulders, and folded in half lengthwise makes a very nice, plush scarf. If worn as a head wrap, it is stretchy enough that it can be lowered and raised, making a hooded cowl.

Model is my dear Mom. The yarn is "Love This Yarn!", acrylic ( yes, I know, but I'm new, and money is tight, and the colors are perfect), called "Jazzed Stripe". (Not to be confused with the new pattern "Jazz Stripes".) It is done on size 10.5 aluminum needles. Aside from the cast-on, bind-off, and chain selvedge, it is entirely columns of Turkish stitch: sl,k,([yo, k2tog] to width). It is about 78" long (three whole skiens of yarn, after trimming about 750 yards), and loosely hangs at about 14" wide. The first picture ("DSC...") is from when I was about half way into the third skein, and shows it will easily stretch to nearly double that.

The "in progress" image is heavily contrasted with a wavelet sharpen; the shadows really bring out the details in stitching. All image work done in GIMP.


PS: The odd pale thread in the "in progress" is one of the two lifelines. I use raw hemp cord larger works, which is flexible, but rough enough it will not be worked loose like suture thread so easily can.

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Wow, nice work! I love the colorway and I like the way your mom wears it. Beautiful!

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Thank you!
Mom will be tickled that she is getting compliments already.

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Very nice work. Don't feel bad about the yarn you use. My rule of thumb is to use the best materials you can afford. As time goes by, you'll be able to move on to other types. Especially if you can find some good buys at the shops, yard sales, etc.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice looking wrap and your mum seems to really enjoy it.

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That colour is totally awsome , I just love it and by the look of "Mom" she does to, great work indeed!!!!!!!