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ok.  feeling pretty dumb, now.  been swatching a pattern that calls for p2tog tbl to be done and somehow it just isn't coming out right.  this is the aspect of knitting that makes me feel stupid when things just don't seem to work and i can't see what it is i'm doing wrong.  off now, trying to find how-to video clips on google.


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that's an OBNOXIOUS stitch, because you have to contort to do it. I usually choose to do it in two steps.

First, I insert my needle tip through the two stiches as if to knit through the back loops. I slip them off the left needle and remount them on the left swinging them 180 degrees. *THEN* I purl 2 together. since they are already twisted by the remount I don't have to purl through the back loops. And I can do the two steps faster then the single step of ptb.

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What he said. It's not a fun stitch to do, and slipping the stitches then remounting them is a much better way to go. If you're looking for images, look for twisted purl stitch, which is the singular version.

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Well, and then there's the REALLY easy, cheaters method:

We're assuming that you understand HOW to purl 1 through the back loop, right?  (If not: look at the stitch that you're going to purl on your left needle.  See the front of the loop that you would ordinarily purl?  Look at the back end of that stitch. You're going to take your right needle and come UP through it from the back - think of facing your enemy and then reaching your arm around them and plunging the dagger in the back! - Anyway, stick the right needle in the back of that stitch, bring the yarn, from the front as usual, around the needle and purl as usual.)

The cheater's method, along with Mario's trick, is to P1tbl - put that stitch back on the left needle, then flip the next stitch OVER the just purled and replaced stitch and then move the remaining stitch BACK on to your right needle.

A NOTE:  This is NOT a hard stitch to master if you'll plan ahead.  If you know that you're going to have to manoeuver a p2togtbl, then loosen up your tension on the previous row.  Conversely, you *could* loosen up those two stitches first if you've gotten them too tight by sticking your right needle into them and wiggling.  Uh, . . . . the needle, not you personally . . .

I have a pattern for Feather & Fan that's kind of a hybred that calls for knitting 4 together!.  Well, that ain't gonna happen if I purl too tightly on the previous row.

All of these tricks will work - play around with it and see which works best for you - my best guess is that after time you'll manage to p2togtbl in one felled swoop without even thinking about it.   Just hang loose . . . Tongue out

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