Shaped Triangular Shawl from GOL

I actually managed to do this in just over a month. I ran out of the body colour and had to do boarder in a cream but I think it turned out okay.

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Gorgeous work. You are a knitting machine!! Tell us about the pattern, materials, etc.

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Hi Ron, The pattern is from "A Gathering of Lace" by Meg Swanson (the book). I start with "Clea 5" but ranout at the border edging and found out that that colour had been discoed so went in search and had no luck so I finished it with #10 bedspread weight in a cream. I really like the effect so all is well that ends well lol. I cast of with the knit 2tog method but found because it was cotton there was no stretch to it so when knitting with cotton I will not use that method again. Yes I knit to much as I now have tennis elbow in both arms, I just bite the bullet and push through the pain, I truly am a knitting fanatic lol.

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This looks great. It suddenly became a pattern I must do. Thanks for the inspirational work!


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A very lovely design and very well knitted. I like the contrast of the two colors...great balance between the two areas.

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Beautiful! Who will be the lucky recipient?

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Well I am not sure who will get it as I sell my knitting in a Museum of Hooked Rugs. If it doesn't sell then maybe it will be a Christmas gift for one of my sister-in-laws (I have six of them lol)

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Beautiful shawl Dennis.

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If that is "okay" then I am totally intimidated by the thought of what you would consider "good". Beautiful!

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That shawl is BEAUTIFUL Dennis! I love the tone-on-tone variation of the border.

that looks amazing , im hoping to try lace knitting soon , maybe i should give something like this a go , is it a good project for a new lace knitter ?
well done love it

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It is not a difficult pattern but I would maybe try a smaller item Lije a scarf just to get the hang of it.