Baby blanket - and I'm gonna' be a 1st time grandpa!

I'm gonna' be a grandpa! My son & daughter-in-law just announced they're going to have a baby in February. And they said they wanted me to knit a baby blanket in chocolate brown and coral if a girl and chocolate brown and aquamarine if a boy. (And I thought I was having trouble getting my head around being a grandpa - now a baby blanket with chocolate brown...oh wow.) There plan is to go back to Papua New Guinea in I'll enjoy that baby for 2 months and then not see it for about 3 years!

And I just finished this baby blanket. Crystal Palace Puffin yarn is way soft and warm! It was hot even knitting it this month.

I did it with a simple garter stitch then crocheted border. The first strip in solid pink, the next in the pink variegated, and then the middle in white mirroring it back to the other edge.It was knit on a US #7 needle and measures about 37" square.

The hat was a feather and fan pattern and then began a simple garter stitch decrease. I have no idea if this will fit a baby - but it's cute!

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Congratulations on the coming grandchild! Love that hat and blanket!

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Yeaaay!! Congratulations...think of all the fun things you can give the dear child. Enjoy the new addition and Blessings on all of you.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Congratulations on the coming grandchild, and good work on the blanket and hat.

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Congrats to you and great job on the blankie and hat!!


Congratulations to you both. Isn't it exciting? I love this baby blanket.

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Congratulations! And the grandbaby will just need to learn to skype at an early age....

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Yeah but unfortunately there is no internet connection in the bush (on the island) where they live. So simple email - no pics attached - will be the best we can do (at least for now).


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Hammacher Schlemmer had a portable satallite uplink available for Christmas last year - I think it was only $15,000 or so..... (batteries not included)

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Congratulations on being a Grandfather! My Grandfather was one of my best friends and played such a huge role in my life. The baby blanket and hat is very cute and I'm sure will get lots of good use.