Regia or Opal?

I have knitted all my socks in Regia brand yarn. I like the way it knits up; I can always get the guage to make socks which consistently fit me. These socks are durable and have a long life. All of our yarn shops were munted in the June earthquake so I've lost my Regia supplier. The only way to obtain some more is via the internet. Today, I went to a small haberdashery in town and it carries Opal which is also a German brand. It looks ok but I wonder how it knits up. I have no experience with it.

Is there anyone on MWK who has used both brands who can give me a comparison of the two? I would be most grateful!

PS: I hope everyone on the east coast and in Colorado who experienced the earthquakes are doing well.


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I haven't used Regia before but my 'Mayi Ay" socks were from Opal Hundertwasser, and I have some more Opal at home waiting to be used. I like it; when knitting, the nylon content seems a bit more obvious than in some (makig it a very easy knit), but once you wash the socks once or twice, it softens up.

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What does "munted" mean?

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It's a New Zealand expression for "ruined" or "destroyed" (although it can have other meanings). Here where I live in Christchurch, it's become a very commonly heard word, used to described the destruction caused by the four major earthquakes we had over the past 11 months.

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I used Opal once. Have more waiting in line. I was happy with the socks, so was their recipient. Can't wait to make more for me.

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We probably all have our favourites. Mine is Kroy! However, I have knit with Regia and Opal and like both of them. I always use the same number of stitches irregardless of the brand. I could never measure the difference as it is so small. I would say buy some Opal and knit with it the same as you would with Regia.

Opal is my favorite yarn and I have also used Regia and been happy. Both have been washed several times in the washing machine on normal Cycle. Then I hang them up to dry on my laundry rack. I have never used sock stretchers and see no need for them.