Jared Flood's Juneberry Shawl

I knit this using Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Flamme' yarn (50% Peruvian wool, 30% alpaca, 20% silk) on a US #9 needle. Being worsted weight it made a generous 84"x36" shawl. And talk about a fast knit...whew! I started it on the evening of 8/23 & it was blocked and dry by noon on 8/26! Definitely a very fast and beautiful knit.


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Just 2 days? Wow! It still looks like a *lot* of work! It looks great, and with the yarn choice, it must be really soft too.

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I just love Flood's patterns. Great job. Looks great!

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That is totally beautiful. Hats off to you for such great work. I'm wondering what it would look like knitted as a square in the round?

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I think it would be great. My brain has a hard time putting what I envision into a pattern; however, my thought would be this would be a fairly simple one to do that with as it starts with a 3-stitch caston. So if you change that to 9 and keep track of the repeats it should be fairly easy. There is patterning on both odd and even rows so you'd have to do some figuring out how to change the decreases so they lean the correct way on the even rows. But other than that it should be very straightforward.


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Beautiful. I might have to change my next shawl project.

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Wow! That is fast! Beautiful!

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What a great job and beautiful shawl. How many yards of yarn were needed to complete the shawl. I know I have stashed enough somewhere to knit one.

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It took right at 600 yards. I do knit loosely so that means it ended up bigger and too more yarn that what some might experience.


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Great job! And isn't it a fun knit? I've done 2 of them so far....

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Yeah, I typically don't make anything more than once, or read a book more than once, or watch a movie more than once, but with this shawl I might make an exception. And I know I will re-use the border pattern portion to add on other things!


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Great work from a great knitter knitting a great pattern from a great designer.

PS: I'm a slow knitter, there's no way on Earth I could do that in two days. That's truly the most impressive part to me in this whole equation.

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I am typically fairly fast, but this one literally flew off the needles. I have no idea how...I might have to try another one just to see if it's really fast or there was just something going on in the barometric pressure that allowed that to happen!


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Quite nice work, Rick. I like how it turned out.

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My only comment....WOW! :-)

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Rick - the consistancy with which you whip out incredible lace at incredible speed is literaly awe inspiring....

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The real reason is I have no life!

But you...the way you whip out the patterns...whssshhh...I only wish I could knit fast enough to do them all. As it is I keep a listing of which of your patterns I want to do next but then get sidetracked by other designers. I'm in the process of working on a cowl for my daughter and a shawl for my sister-in-law...then it's back to your patterns to do a baby blanket for my upcoming grandchild!


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Beautiful shawl Rick, and Jared Flood has some lovely designs.