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hi everyone. has anyone else worked on the carlito cardigan by mathew gnagy? i've come across a few questions and mathew has been very nice in replying to my emails, but i'm starting to feel like i'm bothering him.

i'm stuck on the sleeves. i've worked my way up and and now doing the decreases. here's the instructions:

row 1) bind off 8, sl1-k2tog-psso, work row to end.
row 2) bind off 8, p3tog, work row to end.
decrease 1 stitch at each end every row 6 times (84 stitches).

now here's my problem. i'm working a large, so i've already modified the instructions so it focuses on just the large size. when i worked rows 1 and 2, i already end up with 84 stitches. did i BO wrong or p3tog wrong? can anyone clarify this for me? any help with be appreciated. thanks!


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oh yeah, i started this section with 104 stitches.

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You are right. If you started out with l04 stitches you would be at 84 after the first two rows. Are you sure you have the right numbers. I would check again. Also the 84 might be misplaced in the directions and should be at the end of row 2. Perhaps you should read the instructions for the whole sleeve and it might make sense. Often when we just look at 6 or7 rows we don't get the whole picture.
Rush out and buy Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Without Tears" and you will never have to follow a pattern again.
I am being absurd but I can't follow patterns because I have to see the big picture and I wanted to know all the "WHY'S". I did hear a lady once say to read the whole pattern through from start to finish checking all numbers before you pick up needles or wool. However, I have yet to meet a pattern I am able to understand.
I would probably carry on with the written instructions and ignore the numbers.
And when you finish this project go out and buy the book and become your own designer??

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yes, i did read the whole pattern for the sleeve, and i'm sure it's right. and by right, i mean it's spelled out wrong. i'm really not sure what else to do. i've decided to put that sleeve aside and just start up the 2nd sleeve to not waste time. hopefully the creator will email me back explaining this section.

and thanks for the book suggestion. i'll have to check it out. hopefully borders has it so i can get it for 60% off or whatever their price is for books.

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Carlito is a great looking cardigan, I look forward to seeing your finished result.

I second Ron's recommendation of "Knitting Without Tears", I'm just finishing her Seamless Hydrid Sweater and it has been a real learning curve to use my own numbers and not have to follow a pattern slaveishly, and to learn new ways of achieving nice looking results.

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I don't know when you bought the pattern, but if you look at the pattern page on Ravelry, he says that he has a newly updated version due to the many errors. Maybe you have an earlier version? Maybe he didn't get all the corrections made? I wouldn't worry about "bothering" him. If the pattern has errors, you need to know. I agree with Ron and Kerry. Once you learn to create a sweater through EPS, you don't really ever need a pattern again. You can take the design elements from a sweater like Carlito's Cardigan and incorporate them into your own creation. Of course, this doesn't help with your current sleeve. I'd say email him for clarificaiton.

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i bought the pattern maybe a month ago. i saw that it was free, but it turns out i missed the free "window" when he was trying to make up for the previous version with the updated one. so i'm pretty sure that i have the updated version.

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did you search this site? I remember a conversation about the Carlito ages ago...and the designer posted that he was making the pattern available to everyone free because there had been so many mistakes...

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i searched ravelry and MWK for suggestions on what i should do for this specific problem, but couldn't find anything. that's why i decided to email the creator directly as i figure he'd know best out of everyone who's made it.

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There are few people who have made the pattern. I bought the pattern and few days later he made it for free, then he is selling the pattern again. I have seen two beautiful Carlito's , the guys are on Ravelry you can ask them directly.

As I see it you are decreasing correctly, but the instructions are confusing, when it says to "decrease 1 stitch at each end every row 6 times (84 stitches)" You are indeed already at 84 so his stitch count is wrong. Good luck and keep pestering him, he will come through for you, is really not written correctly , see if he can tell you about the stitch count because that is where the problem is, maybe!

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thanks. i did email him about this. i asked about the decreasing problem, then asked where i could go to get this question answered, since i felt i was bothering him too much. i couldn't find anything on the ravelry page, where he told me there were notes that people posted and stuff, so i emailed him back asking to just clarify it himself because i couldn't find the solution elsewhere. so now i'm just waiting on a response.

i really don't want to just go ahead and fake my way through because this is 1) the first time i've ever done a sweater of any kind, and 2) this is for myself, and i want it to be utterly perfect. i've ripped out tons of rows just so i can fix one stupid stitch. that's how perfect i want this to be. hopefully this will be resolved.

also, i thought it was funny that no where in the pattern (that i saw) said to make 2 sleeves.

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Okay...You're making the small...I've finally gotten to come up for air and I'm really working this through for you...I'm pretty sure the shaping is right, its just the stitch counts are off. I will say that this sleeve is fairly roomy...If I were to design this sleeve again today, it would be a bit slimmer

Cast on 46

k2, p2 rib for 2.5 inches...easy 'nuff

increase every 4th row...for the small, 25 times [88sts]

here is where the count begins to go wrong:
NOTE!!! Though the original pattern doesn't specify, I think it wise to work all of the decrease 2sts in from the actual edge so i have written this correction accordingly

bind off 8, k2, sl1-k2tog-psso work across
bind off 8 again (as if to purl), p2, p3tog work across NOW you have [84sts] and the increases are placed a couple of sts in from the outer edges...this makes it much nicer when you go to sew everything together.

THEN...and here is where I am going to make a small change to the original pattern to create a better sleeve cap:

Here are the decrease rows for the single decrease section of the cap:

Read them first, then work them according to the frequencies that follow

Decrease row: k2, sl1-k1-psso, work across to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2
ALL Wrong side rows: work even

Decrease every 2nd row 2 times [80sts]

Decrease at both edges every 4th row 4 times [72sts]

Decrease at both edges every 2nd row 6 times [60sts)

Decrease TWO STS at both edges every 2nd row 6 times [36sts]
Bind off

This should get you a sleeve cap that is gracefully shaped and will fit nicely into the armhole.

PLEASE let me know if this continues to be a problem!!


Mathew Gnagy

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