Knitting Nirvana!

I don't know if it's just me or if this is more common. this is what I call it when I'm knitting, and I'm completely cognizant of my surroundings, but my mind is at multiple places. I'm knitting, however it's more reflex action and visual acuity, I'm not counting although it's a complex pattern, I'm using visual references only. My mind is also somewhere else, thinking of a song, a conversation, a movie, a laundry list of thoughts. But yet fully aware of what is going on physically around me, a conversation, physical movement colors, sound. Although my mind is consuming and processing all this information, simultaneously, I find it the most relaxing and calming part of knitting. Does anyone else experience this! And yes! I'm drug free! LOL!


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Yup, that's how it goes. You've reached that ideal state of mind.

You are correct -- no one should have to count stitches!! That is just a waste of time and energy. Always "READ YOUR KNITTING" and you will never go wrong.

In fact, you can let your fingers do their thing while you hold a conversation or watch a movie. There is nothing strange about that. What a great condition to be in -- and without the drugs!!

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I agree with both of you. I'm aware...but I'm also so relaxed and focused on my knitting. It's amazing!

I really like to have an audio books vs. tv when i knit. I've really been getting into the habit of counting every stitch (even when they're the same as the previous row) just to keep my accuracy. Its really tightened up my knitting. But having a knitting funk really does get the work done.

PS. Ur really rockin' those glasses!

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If you are into an academic sort of treatment of what you are speaking of....Csikszentmihalyi wrote a book called _Flow_. If academic reading is your's a good read!

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I found a good Wikipedia article about him.

You can click on segments of his graph of challenge vs. skill for a short article on each segment.