Just lazy I guess.

Considering the length of time i've been on this site I figured it was time to say something. I do keep up with what's going on though.
Currently I'm working on the edging for the Edgewater Shawl and just started a vest of my own design when I found a bag of med brown alpaca in my stash.
Looking forward to the SouthEast Fall Retreat. It'll be my vacation even though i'm retired and work part time at my local yarn shop.
That's about all from this old geezer.



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Glad you found your voice Lou, it's always good to hear what other men who knit are doing.

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Welcome Lou! I hope you will post some pictures of what you're working on. Take care, John

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Good to meet you. I figure the more men we convince to take up the needles and yarn, the better.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks for the comments guys. Right now i'm trying to get ready for the SEMKR next weekend in S.C. Looking forward to it. As for pics I still haven't figured out how to do them. Computers and I don't get along much. Will let you know how the Retreat was.