MFKR 2011 Video & Picture

Art Felt Seattle Bay
I had the opportunity of teaching a class at the MFKR 2011 here Is a picture of the 43 men that gathered and a small video. I hope you enjoy it.
MFKR2011 (365)
The Men Who knit Website has always been instrumental for men who knit to come together and have a great time. Never forget this Website were all of us met for the first time and gathered. This is a small video of the class I taught.Thanks for stopping by!


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LOVE the group picture!

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Great group shot!

Grace and peace,

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Envious! Nice to see so many familiar faces in a group photo!

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I saw several people I know and came to care for from RMMKR...even if Bradferd was trying to hide. Thanks so much for sharing.

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