Slogging it out with Myrna Stahman

This is my practice effort so far with the Matthew Scarf, before I start for real.
Looks nothing like ones others have knitted
Perhaps I need to go up a needle size or try a different yarn.

Also the chart is extremely hard to keep track of, without going blind.

Having trouble with the slpwise at the end and beginning of alternative rows
End up with a big loop that isn't picked up properly

Ho hum.....

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Yes...I guessed right. It does look nice. Good that you started with a test piece. It is a lovely scarf and I'm certain your version will be great! Looking forward to seeing the final effort.

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I aqlso knit this one and found it did knit up quiot solidly, I used a cashmere and merino mixin DK (22 to 4). The softness made up for the dense pattern.

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A scarf can be dense or not, depending on your personal tastes. That is why we do a swatch. If YOU like the hand of the fabric, then that is what YOU use. I may have a different opinion.

I can't work unless there is a chart! Is it too small? Why don't you blow it up a bit? These new photocopiers are great for that. Or scan it into your computer and enlarge it. And remember that the knitting will look just like the chart... so that makes it easy to know where you are.